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One side of me would prefer to call this my visual 'journal,' as this section reflects images that I make, new techniques I try, places I explore or events that I record throughout the year . Frequently I will pair a quote with an image which often enhances or adds depth and new meaning to an image. 

Thank you for your visits and comments.  Both are important! 





Refresh and Renew

Following my retirement from teaching I worked for a period of time in an after school program for youth. I was charged with the responsibility of maintaining the computers in the lab as well as providing computer opportunities and technology assistance for the youth.

On occasion various computers would develop issues and crash. It didn’t take long to learn to simply perform what was commonly known as a refresh-and-renew. A refresh-and-renew is not a top-secret computer hack or trick. It simply means to turn off the computer for approximately a minute and then re-boot the computer.

Like a computer, a person can simply have too many files open at one time, thus run out of memory or simply get jammed up. Or life can become stressed when over-burdened causing one to personally develop issues and ‘crash.’

Getting back to nature is my personal way to un-plug and refresh-and-renew.

I recently went on an outing with a group of photographer friends.  The outing allowed me to personally re-boot, so to speak.  I found the time very refreshing, renewing, and fulfilling.

“Waters Ripple and Flow” ~ © Sue Henry

“Waters Ripple and Flow” ~ © Sue Henry

"Soothing Waters” © Sue Henry

“Soothing Waters” © Sue Henry

“Back to Nature” @ Sue Henry

“Back to Nature” @ Sue Henry

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Slow Exposures Pop-Up Exhibit

After a wonderful week-end in Zebulon GA, my Pop-Up Exhibit and I have returned home. Many pieces found new homes with buyers and collectors.  I'm celebrating the new friendships and contacts that were formed over the week-end and I'm very grateful for such a wonderful experience and opportunity.  Thank you John A. Bennett, Chris Curry, and the dedicated volunteers of Slow Exposures.






Pondering Paper

The assigned challenge was to explore a friend’s home (with camera in hand) in an open, free, and creative manner.  I chose to focus concentrate on books and paper found in her home.  I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed making them.

"Pondering Paper" © Sue Henry

“Pondering Paper” © Sue Henry

"Reading Material" © Sue Henry

“Reading Material” © Sue Henry

"Round To-it" © Sue Henry

“When I Get A Round To-it” © Sue Henry

"Old Friends" © Sue Henry

“Old Friends” © Sue Henry

"Quest for Knowledge" © Sue Henry

“Quest for Knowledge” © Sue Henry

"Glimmer of Mystery" © Sue Henry

“Glimmer of Mystery” © Sue Henry

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Slow Exposures Pop Up Exhibit


Pop-Up Show: from project to presentation

What began as a simple project to document change in rural Nolensville has evolved into an invitation to present a satellite Pop-Up Show during the prestigious Slow Exposures photography festival held in Pike County Georgia September 15th through 18th.

With help from many and at the risk of omitting someone, I want to publicly thank the following:

John Bennette – the juror and curator of the Slow Exposures Pop-Up Show

John Bennette is a collector, curator and champion of artists. Bennette has written for a number of publications including 21st Journal of Photography. He has been a portfolio reviewer at events including Fotofest, Rhubarb-rhubarb, Photolucida and Atlanta Celebrates Photography. He works with the committees of a number of charity based photography groups including FWAB. Bennette was former Art Director and Art Editor for South by South East Photography Magazine.

Chris Curry and the Slow Exposures Committees and Advisory Committee.

Sandy Burr and Sharon Brown Christopher – f/4 Studio members who have provided technical support, editing support, and listening ears during the evolution and development of this project.

Mr. Pete – local Nolensville native who has opened doors to many Nolensville private farms and locations as well as provided historical insight for the Nolensville project.

Jim Levins – Brentwood Goin’ Postal owner and friend who professionally printed flyers for the exhibit.

Jack Henry – my husband who has supported this project in too many ways to express.

The exhibit is titled A Quiet Celebration of Rural Nolensville and “invites the viewer into a quiet and peaceful reflection on a simple way of life and to experience a moment of nostalgia of Nolensville and the American South.”

All sixteen images in the exhibit are offered for purchase, however the image below – “Celebrating Childhood” – will be offered for raffle at the Do Good Dinner during the Saturday night Slow Exposures festivities.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

Join me either in person at Slow Exposures or in spirit with your ‘best wishes’ for a successful exhibit!

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