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One side of me would prefer to call this my visual 'journal,' as this section reflects images that I make, new techniques I try, places I explore or events that I record throughout the year . Frequently I will pair a quote with an image which often enhances or adds depth and new meaning to an image. 

Thank you for your visits and comments.  Both are important! 





The Rooster

Thank you to juror Aline Smithson for including "The Rooster" in the "Red" exhibit to be held at A Smith Gallery, Johnson City TX.  


Longing for Spring

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."



"The SHOW" - Benefitting NHS Museum Restoration

I rarely show my work in this type of environment; however, I want to support the Nolensville Historic Society as well as show to the community some of my Nolensville and rural Tennessee images.  

My good friend, Sue Harki, will be showing her refinished furniture in my booth.  Her beautiful pieces will give me a place to display my work.  If you are in the Nashville area, check out Canonbury Cottage Creations.  

And...please drop by March 4th or 5th.  I'd love to visit with you at "The SHOW."  


Snow Day!

It's so rare that we get measurable snow here in the Nashville area that this winter 'storm' is a actually a pleasant treat. A few photos made in my back yard.   









Years ago, during my time as a church organist, I enjoyed what were called ‘free hymn tune improvisations.’  I loved the way the old and the new, the familiar and the unfamiliar, were woven together.  I loved the way the contemporary interpretations of well-known and time-honored hymns often ‘challenged’ the listener or encouraged the listener to sit up and take notice.  I loved and appreciated the creativity that the improvisational style offered while still being respectful of history and tradition.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

In free hymn tune improvisations, the melody was always present but might have counter-melodies and/or interesting rhythmic themes added.  The chord structure would nearly always be altered.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

From time to time I find myself ‘improvising’ with my images; challenging the viewer to accept  imaginative interpretations of  well-known and time-honored subjects and scenarios.  I enjoy creating something different and unfamiliar from that which is very familiar.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

While I no longer am an active performing musician, I remain amazed at how much inspiration from music I receive for my photography.  Music is a powerful photography muse.

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

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