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One side of me would prefer to call this my visual 'journal,' as this section reflects images that I make, new techniques I try, places I explore or events that I record throughout the year . Frequently I will pair a quote with an image which often enhances or adds depth and new meaning to an image. 

Thank you for your visits and comments.  Both are important! 





The Zoo: Abstracted

As so often we do, a group of photographer friends planned an outing. The days were getting warmer and school was not out yet so the group decided to head to the zoo.

Sounds like a great location for photo opportunities, right? Who doesn’t enjoy photographing the beautiful animals in their well-kept and lush surroundings.

The added challenge, however, was to only photograph abstract images!

I chose to spend the day exploring movement.  More specifically, I chose to use long exposures, thus allowing the movement of the animals to blur into abstraction.

The Kangaroo:

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

The Koi:

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

© Sue Henry

It truly was a great outing with friends.  I enjoyed the day as well as the photographic rewards of the day.

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Mr. Pete's Garden

My friend, Mr. Pete, called yesterday to let me know he had some interesting blooms in his garden.  I always enjoy going out to Mr. Pete's farm; never know what I'm going to find!



Oh wait!  That's not a flower!  :)  


The Rooster

Thank you to juror Aline Smithson for including "The Rooster" in the "Red" exhibit to be held at A Smith Gallery, Johnson City TX.  


Longing for Spring

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."



"The SHOW" - Benefitting NHS Museum Restoration

I rarely show my work in this type of environment; however, I want to support the Nolensville Historic Society as well as show to the community some of my Nolensville and rural Tennessee images.  

My good friend, Sue Harki, will be showing her refinished furniture in my booth.  Her beautiful pieces will give me a place to display my work.  If you are in the Nashville area, check out Canonbury Cottage Creations.  

And...please drop by March 4th or 5th.  I'd love to visit with you at "The SHOW."  

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